Features and Benefits

  • Easy mounting to bottom of leg rails on chair allows same chair to be sold as standard leg, glider (rider base), or swivel glider
  • Chairs – rider (standard metal base) 24” ring and 10” swivel plate, or your own finished-wood base or upholstered base can be produced
  • Loveseats (two mechanisms on rider bases, connected with base rails) – only system that allows loveseats that move in tandem, or independent seats using the same mechanism parts
  • Ottomans – allow base design to match the style of chair or loveseat with stained-finished base or upholstered base
  • Large-diameter cross tubes provide greater side-to-side stability and torque control
  • Flanged glide links for stabilizer tubes eliminate problems with flexing and breaking of tube end at bend
  • Ball-bearing glide joints provide less friction and offer longer life, along with an enhanced glide motion for the life of the mechanism
  • Wider stance provides greater durability and stability (250 lbs. occupancy weight)
  • One-piece glide bracket for consistent geometry and greater strength

Seating Positions

  • Sit & Glide